“So Good” by Tim Godfrey: Audio Production Review by T-Beiz 

Audio Production Review by T-Beiz
“So Good” by @timgodfreyworld
Produced by SMJSo Good APR

Genre: Contemporary Worship Music
Song structure: Modern
Verse 1-> Chorus -> Verse 2 ->Chorus ->Hook ->Chorus->Post Chorus -> Hook-> Bridge-> Outro
Energy: Well Spread and even energy across verses and choruses
Loudness: -10 LUFs
Tempo: 80 bpm

Bass: Full, groovy and melodious basslines with colourful leading notes , slurs and bass techniques
Percussion: some sounds of conga, claps , tambourines
Drums: Active drum style , well placed rolls, flams, crashes and cymbals
Keys: Distinct sweet Piano, leads the song on several occasions (also has some cute solos)
Guitars: soft and harmonious (various guitars used)
Strings: soft, backing the song at the needed vocals
Synth: Soft and very little
Brass/Woodwind: N/A
Artificial Sounds, Fx: Possiibly some reverberated rising sounds

Main Vocals:
Tim Godfrey’s voice: audible and clean

Backup Voxs
Back up vocals: Well harmonized vocals
Adlibs well placed at needed areas

Compression : Song and instruments appear well compressed having some headroom
0-500 hz : Bass instruments here. conflict between the kick and bass well avoided. Punchy rise in some areas ( especially when the kick and bass guitar come in). Guessing the floor tom may have been a bit troublesome.
500hz- 2khz : There’s number of mid instruments including vocals here. Normal peaks within this area
2khz -5 Khz : Well filtered peaks
5khz- 20Khz: Tapered off high frequencies here
Reverb: Smooth
Delay: reeling effect , sweetly heard in parts of the chorus and verses
Stereo/Pan effects : Good balance of stereo effects

Mastering dynamics : Solid
Multiband dynamics : Bass , Mids , Tops well balanced
Clipping and Distortion: Song available to pushed for about 4db more before clipping

T-beiz , @tbeiz on all platforms
Producer for Dakdak studios

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