“No Do” by KissDaniel :Audio Production Review by T-Beiz

Audio Production Review by T-Beiz

“No Do” by @iamkissdaniel


Colour: Hint of “Tales by Moonlight” theme song
Genre: Afrobeat
Song structure: Standard
Verse 1-> Chorus -> Verse 2 ->Chorus -> Verse 3-> Chorus-> Outro
Energy: Well Spread and even energy across verses and Choruses
Loudness: -9 LUFs
Tempo: 105 bpm

Bass: Rhythmic bass lines
Percussion: some sounds of congas, cowbell, mallets etc
Drums: Constant controlling basic Kick, well placed rolls ( not sure about the snare flams with 32nd notes)
Keys: Distinct electronic Pianos
Guitars: present and active
Strings: soft, backing the song at the needed places
Synth: Soft and very little
Brass/Woodwind: N/A
Artificial Sounds, Fx: Present

Main Vocals:
Kiss Daniel’s voice: audible and clean

Backup Vox’s
Back up vocals: Partially harmonized Chorus
Adlibs: well placed at needed areas

Compression : Song and instruments appears slightly compressed having some headroom
0-500 hz : Not so many heavy bass instruments here. Little conflict between the kick and bass. Punchy rise in some areas ( especially when the kick and bass come in)
500hz- 2khz : There’s a number of mid instruments. Normal peaks within this area
2khz -5 Khz : Well filtered peaks . Noticed a slight drop from 5KHz
5khz- 20Khz: Tapered off high frequencies here
Reverb: Smooth and wide
Delay: reeling effect , heard in parts of the chorus and Verses
Stereo/Pan effects : Good spread of stereo effects

Mastering dynamics : Solid
Multiband dynamics : Bass , Mids , Tops well balanced
Clipping and Distortion: At -9db LUfs , I was able to push this song by about 4db more without noticeable clipping.

T-beiz , @tbeiz on all platforms
Producer for @dakdakstudios

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